Hello everyone!

I know I’m a day or two behind on posting this week’s Minutes of Mindfulness Series Episode, but wife and I just got back from an amazing week of house hunting and job searching in our new home of Vancouver, British Columbia!

In this week’s episode I talk about an experience I had while we were apartment shopping late last week.

Sometimes in life there are things we really want but at the end of the day, try all we might, we can still fall short. With mindfulness and trust in yourself you see that the universe truly works for you, not against you.

I’m super excited to share the end results with you in next week’s 19thEpisode of the Minutes of Mindfulness Series because the universe is one cool son of a bitch!

When you trust yourself and let the river of life take you for a ride, you will be amazed by all of the awesome things that can happen and where you might end up!

With that, PLEASE CLICK the video icon and we hope you enjoy this week’s 18th episode of the Minutes of Mindfulness Series!

As always, we’d love to hear from YOU! How has your trust in yourself and the universe played out in your life? Are you swimming up stream or letting the river of life work for you? Let us know!

See you next week!

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  1. Yes! Everything happens for a reason and we need to trust that even when we don’t get something that we really want, we always end up getting what we need. #TrustYoSelf

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