TGIF everyone!

Today I have a very special blog post to share with you!

A couple months ago I was lucky enough to help kick off a podcast for a great friend of mine, Justin Hertz.

Justin is a full time Realtor® with Keller Williams and he’s the best in the business -trust me, I know from experience. Justin doesn’t just stop at helping people find their dream homes, he is also insanely passionate about living a purposeful life. And that’s what his show is all about!

In his podcast, “The Just Hertz So Good Show”, Justin takes a deep dive with his guest to understand their story and tease out what really drives them to succeed in life.

In my episode with Justin we discuss everything from my college days at San Mateo College where I played baseball to my current meditation and morning routine that many people say is absolutely nuts!

It is my absolute honor to present this podcast to you because people like Justin are who make this world great!

If you want to laugh and learn a lot, please please PLEASE click the picture below to listen to my very first podcast interview with my dear friend Justin Hertz!

The Just Hertz So Good Show, episode #1–A Conversation With JC Conway

Click the Picture to Listen

Also please be sure to subscribe to Justin’s show where ever you listen to podcasts and leave me a comment below to let me know if you think my morning routine is crazy like my wife does!

Until next week,

Stay mindful, stay blessed and we’ll see you then!

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