Hey everyone!

This week I’ve published a brand spankin’ new reading list for you to enjoy!!!

So many of these books have changed my life and I encourage anyone who follows me to continue seeking knowledge till the day you die.

(Click Here to Get Your Reading On!)

Each book comes with a link to purchase directly from the author (or Amazon if the author doesn’t have a website) as well as a brief description of the things I learned while reading.

This list is TWO YEARS in the making! I knew I wanted to start a blog years ago and I knew this list would be part of that blog. Every time I finished a book in the last couple of years I immediately added it to this list.

Firstly, so I can share them with YOU but also so I can remember all the amazing insights I got from each book.

As you will see from my selection of books, I like to read all kinds of shit!

You’ll see books on my list ranging anywhere from mindfulness, business, history, fiction and even outer space.

I really hope you enjoy my reading list and I would LOVE to hear any suggestions you might have on books! If you think it’s interesting, I want to read it!!!

Thank you sincerely for following me on my journey of mindfulness and mastery. I hope you will continue to tag along with me and I hope my reading list encourages you to read more and sparks curiosity in you life!

Until next week,

Many Many Blessings

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